Why Did Than Merrill Get Kicked Out of the NFL?

Nathaniel "Than" Merrill's NFL career ended shortly after it started due to a knee injury; he was not kicked out. After a productive college career playing for Yale, he entered the NFL in 2001. He spent the next two years playing for the Tampa Bay Buccaneers and the Chicago Bears. A knee injury during a game in 2003 ended his career.

Although the injury was not severe enough to end his chances to play, it coupled with mediocre play during his time in the NFL to lead the Bears to cut him. Other teams opted not to take the risk of an injury-prone player who had never been a star.

After his NFL dreams ended, Merrill entered the real estate industry. He specialized in purchasing, fixing up and reselling homes. His success in this venture led him to star on a popular show on A&E called "Flip This House." Each episode of the show follows a team renovating a home or apartment and then re-selling it. Merrill joined the show on the third season, heading a group of renovators in New Haven.

Merrill's success in real estate and on television have netted him impressive wealth. He used part of this wealth to launch a charity called the Equal Footing Foundation, which works with youth to encourage healthy and active living.