How Did Eli Manning Meet Abby McGrew?

Eli Manning met Abby McGrew in the spring of 2002 at the University of Mississippi, when she was a freshman and he was a junior. They dated through the season and officially became a couple the following fall. Eli proposed to her in 2007, and they wed at a resort in San José del Cabo, Mexico, in 2008. Their wedding was a private ceremony, during which a surplus of paparazzi attempted observation via boats and hang gliders.

Elisha "Eli" Manning is a football quarterback for the New York Giants of the National Football League. He holds records for the most completed passes, touchdown passes and passing yards during his career with the New York Giants and the most fourth-quarter touchdown passes in a season of the NFL. He is one of the only quarterbacks to be named Most Valuable Player for two Super Bowls.

Eli's wife, Abby, studied fashion in New York City and worked for Pamella Roland, a wedding and evening dress designer. The couple is heavily involved in philanthropy. Eli volunteered in the wake of Hurricane Katrina alongside his brother, Peyton Manning. Eli and Abby have three daughters, Ava, Lucy and Caroline, born in 2011, 2013 and 2015, respectively.