Why Did Bernard Hopkins Go to Prison?

Bernard Hopkins served five years of an 18-year prison sentence for a variety of different petty crimes. Those crimes included a number of small robberies as well as an assault.

One of the most interesting stories about his stay in jail was told to the Huffington Post during a 2011 interview. Hopkins was serving his time while his brother was murdered. The man who killed Hopkins' brother was eventually sent to the same prison where the boxer remained incarcerated. Hopkins told the website the man chose to go into protected custody, rather than being put in general population, and he was glad the man made that choice.

Hopkins said the man saved the now famous pugilist from having to kill him or have him killed. The man not choosing protected custody almost certainly would have led to a longer prison stay for Hopkins. After getting out of prison, Hopkins, a man who spent the early part of his life committing one petty crime after another, became the oldest boxer ever to win a championship.

Hopkins turned 48 in 2014, and the prison life is well behind him. The boxer has avoided trouble with the law and been a model citizen since his release.