Why Did Batista Leave the WWE?

Batista left the WWE to pursue other career ventures. After he left the WWE, he trained to become a mixed martial arts fighter and starred in movies.

Dave Batista has stated that he left the WWE to do other things because he was not pleased with the direction the company had taken. They had become more family oriented, and he was more of a fan of the "Attitude Era" and the days of Stone Cold and Degeneration X. He has made it clear in several interviews that he was not a fan of John Cena or the show adopting a PG rating.

After leaving the WWE, Batista participated in several projects. Not only did he star in a movie, he also trained and fought in the MMA. He was victorious over Vince Lucero late in the first round of the match when a series of his punches went unanswered by his opponent. Batista has stated that he did not do this to prove anything to his fans, but to prove something to himself. He feels the experience has left him more rounded as a person. He also stars in the role of Drax the Destroyer in the film "Guardians of the Galaxy."