From Where Did Basketball Originate?

did-basketball-originate Credit: Chris Hondros/Getty Images News/Getty Images

Basketball originated in Springfield, Massachusetts in 1891. Its inventor, Dr. James Naismith, worked as a physical education teacher at the International Young Men's Christian Association Training School, or YMCA, which is now Springfield College.

Naismith was born in Toronto, Ontario. He obtained a medical degree at McGill University in Montreal, Quebec. In 1890, he moved to the United States to pursue his interest in sports physiology. A year later, while teaching a physical education class at the YMCA, he devised a new indoor sport for students to play inside during the winter, when the weather was too harsh for outdoor football or soccer. The first game of basketball was played using a soccer ball and two peach baskets, which were hung 10 feet from the ground and served as goals. Basketball officially became part of the Olympic Games in 1936 in Berlin, Germany.