How Do You Design a CO2 Race Car?


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The best way to determine the design for a CO2 race car is to draw out plans for its shape before any actual cutting begins. It is also wise to use a pre-packaged kit for making such a car. Kits that include everything needed to design a CO2 race car can be purchased at hobby supply stores or online.

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If possible, a prototype car should be built to determine if the design of the car will work before building the final version. When designing the car, keep in mind that it is a dragster, so the shape should be streamlined. Many CO2 racers model their cars in the shape of NASCAR Formula 1 vehicles. After the final car is built, it can be customized using paint and decals.

The kits for CO2 race cars generally include a wedge-shaped, wooden block that is used to build the car, a set of plastic wheels with axles to attach them to the car and a small CO2 cartridge for fuel. The wooden block in the kit can be crafted into any shape the owner chooses by using different tools, such as small saws or drills. The holes for the axles are pre-drilled into the wood in most CO2 race car kits. If holes aren't already drilled, they can be added using a drill press.

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