How Do You Defend Yourself From an Attacker?


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The first method of defense against an attacker should be running the other way as fast as possible, but this isn't always feasible. By using simple maneuvers and keeping a clear head, it is possible to fight off an attacker and get away from the confrontation. Ideally, make as much noise as possible to attract attention and help.

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First of all, if the attacker has a weapon and is demanding money, don't try to fight for it. No amount of money is worth the loss of life. If the person attacking seems intent on causing harm, aim blows at sensitive areas such as the eyes, throat, groin, lower ribs, insteps and tops of the feet. Keep the upper body relaxed; a tense upper body moves the center of gravity higher and makes it easier for the attacker to get a person to the ground. Once the attacker has backed off or been incapacitated, leave the area and call the police immediately.

If, in a fight, there is access to any kind of weapon, don't be tempted to draw and use it first unless there is a true threat that can be proven to the police.

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