What Are Some Deer Hunting Tips?


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Some deer hunting tips include looking at areas that other hunters assume are scarcely populated by deer, rattling loudly and hunting at the right times. It is also a good idea to hunt alone or in a small group. Avoid hunting with a large group, as it not only decreases the success of your own kills, but it can scare the deer off when there are signs of a large group of people around.

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Rattling is an important part of hunting deer. When a deer is approached by a hunter, it does not fight lightly. Deer defend themselves as much as possible against a threat. Rattling too quietly or weakly prevents a successful kill and can even lead to harm to the hunter. Rattling loudly and boldly is the best option. It is also important that the hunter limit the size of the hunting party.

Timing the hunt for deer is another crucial element. Don’t try to rush the hunt, as this could cause the deer to scare off too quickly. Instead, take time to wait for the right conditions. Going at midday is a common choice, but other good options are the crack of dawn and late afternoon when deer are often seen moving.

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