Why Do Deer Hunters Use Sun Moon Tables?


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Deer hunters believe the sun moon tables predict the times deer are most active, for a higher success rate during hunting. The validity of the sun moon tables is debated.

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Hunter Specialties explains in 1936 John Alden Knight published his Solunar Tables after researching how the sun, moon and tides affected wildlife. The Solunar Theory indicates as the moon changes positions it directly influences animal activity.

The sun moon tables calculate the position of the moon, sunrise and sunset and determine peak days, weeks and months. Knowing when sunrise and sunset occurs is important as animals increase activity at dawn and dusk. Peak times are days when the moon is full and deer are most active, increasing a hunter's yield.

According to Grand View Outdoors, the sun moon tables have no bearing on deer activity and hunting on non-peak days result in the same yield as peak days. Some hunters dismiss the connection between the sun moon tables and deer activity as their success does not change.

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