What Does DC Skateboarding Stand For?

DC is a brand of skateboarding shoes and, according to one version of the company's history, stands for Droor's Clothing, which is one of the company's former brand names. Another version of the story says that DC stands for the initials of the first names of pro skateboarder Danny Way, who is one of the company's founders, and another pro skateboarder, Colin McKay. Way and McKay were also the company's original endorsers.

The roots of the DC brand can be traced back to 1991, when Ken Block partnered with skateboarder Danny Way to develop Eightball Clothing. The clothing line experienced immediate success, which led to the launching of the Droors jeans line the following year. By 1993, the Eightball brand had to be let go when another entity claimed the rights to the name.

The DC brand debuted in 1994 as DC Shoes with the Korean manufacturing company, Samil Tong Sang, producing the footwear for the brand. In the same year, the Dub line of snowboarding outerwear was also launched. DC Shoes was so immensely successful that it eclipsed the Droors and Dub brand. By 1997, both the Droors and Dub brands were sold off. This means that if DC was really the shortened form of Droors Clothing, then DC no longer means anything other than just DC.