How Do You Date a Winchester Gun?


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Date a Winchester gun by finding the serial number on the gun and comparing it with the table at WinchesterGuns.com, contacting the Cody Museum or consulting the Blue Book of Gun Values. The table provided by Winchester lists the serial numbers for Winchester Repeating Arms from 1886 through the early 1990s. The information presented on the list is the same information available to Winchester customer service representatives.

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The list is not comprehensive because the company did not keep a single database of serial numbers. The list was compiled by Winchester with information from old company documents. If the serial number on your gun is not listed, the company most likely does not have any dating information for that gun.

The Cody Museum and the Blue Book of Gun Values can provide assistance in dating your gun. The Blue Book of Gun Values charges a fee for answers about your gun. The Cody Museum has many resources you can use to date your gun and can provide you with a certification letter, for a fee.

Winchester recommends visiting GeorgeMadis.com for more information about Winchester guns. A leading expert in Winchester firearms, George Madis' website features Winchester dating information and other facts about Winchester guns. Other resources are "The Gun Collector’s Handbook of Values," and "Williams Blue Book of Gun Dealing."

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