What Are Some Cute Volleyball Cheers?

Volleyball cheers traditional to the sport include repetitions of the phrase "Ahhhhh sweet" when a point is scored and "Ahhhhh team" when the team is scored against. Common chants include "s-i, s-i-d, s-i-d-e-o-u-t, sideout" interspersed with clapping and then an utterance of the team's name, according to Strength and Power for Volleyball.

Volleyball cheers, and cheering in general, is intended to boost the spirits of the team and demoralize the opposition. Most cheers incorporate the spelling out of various taglines and team mottoes.

Hot to go is a popular chant. The cheer team spells out "hot to go," then states that the team in question is hot to go, incorporating a choreographed routine and a call and response, notes Strength and Power for Volleyball.