How Do You Curve a Bowling Ball?

How Do You Curve a Bowling Ball?

Curve or hook a bowling ball by using a fingertip grip, approaching the lane normally, and swinging your arm straight behind you, then straight toward the lane. Release the ball thumb first, and let your fingers guide the ball into a counterclockwise spin as it rolls off your hand.

  1. Use a fingertip grip

    Insert your ring and middle fingers into the ball holes up to the first knuckle joint. Insert the thumb to the second knuckle. Spread your index finger across the ball for stability, and keep the little finger close to the ring finger.

  2. Approach the lane

    Use your normal bowling approach. The curve comes from the hand, not the approach.

  3. Swing your arm straight back and then straight forward

    Think of your arm as a pendulum moving straight back and then falling forward. During the movement, cup the ball, keeping your wrist behind your fingertips.

  4. Release the ball

    Take your thumb out of its hole first, then let the bowling ball roll out of your hand, flicking it into the curve with your fingers as they come out of the holes.

  5. Follow through

    After the release, continue to lift your arm and hand into a handshake position. Keep the follow-through nice and straight by avoiding misdirection of the ball. Do not cross your arm in front of your body or bend your wrist at an angle.