How Do You Cure a Slice in Golf?


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To cure a slice in golf, correct the outside-in loop of your swing. It is this movement that leads tee shots to slice away from their true line. Eliminating it gives your game a new degree of success and accuracy.

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  1. Alter your grip

    Strengthen your grip by turning your hands away from your target, and set your palms parallel with one another. Keep the grip soft so that it releases easily as you swing through impact with the ball.

  2. Reverse the loop

    Stand over the ball with your normal posture (but with the new grip), so that your front heel is just outside the ball. Put the club head in front of the ball. Use your hands to make a slow circle, in which you swing the club toward the target, but keep going up above your head and down over the ball.

  3. Let your body provide the momentum

    Work some body turn into this drill, and move the opening of the loop from the front of the ball toward the position where you address the ball. After grooving the clockwise circular motion, it's time add to your shoulders to the swing, so add the shoulder turn. Repeat this entire drill as needed to address recurrences of your slice.

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