How Do You Create Putting Greens in Your Backyard?

How Do You Create Putting Greens in Your Backyard?

To create a putting green in a backyard, choose an area of the yard to put the green, lay down landscaping fabric, fill in the area, compact the ground and lay down some putting carpet. Smooth out the carpet and create a border with gravel.

Creating a backyard putting green is a quick and easy project. To create a putting area in the yard, use the following steps.

  1. Choose a space
  2. It is best to pick an area of the yard that is relatively flat.

  3. Install a border
  4. Make a boarder for the green using wooden planks. Make sure the planks are even and level.

  5. Lay out landscaping fabric
  6. Cover the entire green surface with landscaping fabric. This helps prevent weeds from getting into the green. Hold the fabric down with landscaping spikes.

  7. Fill in the green
  8. Cover the landscaping fabric with stone dust. Flatten the dust and make sure it is compact, and then add another layer. Keep adding and compacting stone dust until the borders are filled in and the green is flat. Add contours and features as desired.

  9. Roll out putting carpet
  10. Roll out some putting carpet over the green area. Cut the carpet to fit within the borders of the green. Spread some silica sand over the carpet to help hold it down.

  11. Finish the borders
  12. Cover the borders of the green with gravel.

  13. Add cups
  14. Add cups to the green by using a golf hole cutter.