How Do You Create Your Own Score Sheet for Bowling?

How Do You Create Your Own Score Sheet for Bowling?

In a table or spreadsheet, label the first column "Players" and the next ten columns from one to 10. Create as many rows as number of team players. For tallied scores, add a row at the bottom for the running total and a column at the end for final scores.

A basic bowling score sheet is easily made in word processing or spreadsheet programs. Create a table or spreadsheet with 11 columns and at least 3 rows, depending on the number of players. If playing with a regular team, you can pre-fill in each player's name. To customize the score card, select your favorite fonts and colors from the program's available options.

To clearly define each player's score, outline the border of each cell, and add a small box in the upper right-hand corner of the first nine frame score boxes. In the tenth box, add 3 smaller boxes.

Print this score sheet, or save it to a mobile phone or tablet, allowing you to keep score electronically and save the results for future reference. For an electronic score card, you can also add formulas to calculate the score for you.

If you need help calculating the score, the United States Bowling Congress provides resources for the official rules on scoring at