How Do You Create Your Own Football Jersey?


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To create your own football jersey, first know the rules concerning jersey regulations for the league in which you play, and know the colors needed for the design. Next, choose a number suited to your play position, and size it on the front and back appropriately. Finally, check the arm size and length to ensure it fits around the pads and over the biceps.

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Many youth leagues, college conferences or high school associations provide teams with specific rules about the type of material or style the committee allows a jersey to be. Some rules to check for include avoiding tear away jerseys or using micro-hole jersey fabric. Purchase the appropriate fabric in the team colors, or find a blank jersey in the right color from a sporting goods store or online retailer. Many teams use one jersey color with a secondary color on the piping or stripes, while some teams have a home jersey in one color and an away jersey in another. Purchase the same jersey in various sizes for each team member.

The number applied to the jersey is generally assigned according to the position played. Apply the back number in the center, and size it about half the size of the jersey. The front number is also centered and is slightly smaller than the back number. Many times, the shoulder pad numbers are optional. The arm length of a jersey adheres to any league rules. Many leagues require that the jersey fit very close to the shoulder pads.

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