When Is Crabbing Season in Southeast Texas?

Crabbing season is year round in Texas, except for a couple of weeks. In 2015, these dates are Feb. 20 to March 1. During this time, it is unlawful to place or leave a crab trap. With the appropriate license, crabbing is legal for the rest of the year.

Spawning season lasts from December to October, with the peak occurring during the spring and summer seasons. Most crabs caught for commercial purposes are captured in traps. Crabs are used as food or as bait for fishing. If the crabs are caught for commercial use, a commercial license is needed, but if crabbing is for personal use, a recreational license is used. The crabs must be a minimum of 5 inches in body length to be kept. Additionally, keeping female crabs with spongy messes of eggs attached is illegal. There is no bag limit.