What Are Some Coyote Trapping Tips?


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Cage traps, paw traps and snares can all trap coyotes; however, coyotes are often naturally wary of metal cages. A paw trap is the most common way of catching a coyote, but state regulations vary on what the trapper must do once the coyote is caught.

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Setting traps along the coyote's natural path, especially in places where it crawls under fences, is recommended. Meat is a good bait, as the coyote can smell it from a long way away; however, it is important to keep domestic dogs away from the area.

Camouflage the trap by setting it in a shallow hole and packing dirt around it. The aim is to create a sturdy base for the trap while making the hole look as natural as possible.

A lethal trap, such as a snare, kills the coyote by choking it, but when using a non-lethal trap, seek professional help before removing the coyote, as it may carry rabies or other parasites. If regulations require the coyote to be euthanized, a head shot or chest shot is the quickest way of doing so.

Clean the trap with a high-pressure hose before using it again. If the trap gets salt on it during winter, dyeing and waxing may be necessary.

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