What Are Some Coyote Hunting Tips?


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Scouting carefully for a good hunting ground, having a good coyote call, stealth and camouflage are important are some good tips for hunting coyote. Coyotes inhabit, hunt and forage a wide variety of landscapes, rural as well as suburban these tips apply anywhere.

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Coyotes typically hunt small game so areas with lots of rabbits, squirrels and other small prey usually attract them. The brand is not as important for a coyote call as it is for the user to select one that fits his mouth easily and he can operate well.

Coyotes are extremely wily with keen eyesight, exceptional hearing and an outstanding sense of smell. The hunter's clothing must be camouflaged to match the area being hunted. He must be completely quiet when approaching and waiting in the hunting area. Cold and no wind are the preferred conditions for coyote hunting but if not, the hunter must remain downwind even for the slightest breeze.

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