What Is the Cost of a Florida Fishing License?


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As of 2015, a Florida fishing license from the Florida Fish and Wildlife Conservation Commission ranges in price from $17 to $1,001.50. The cost of a fishing license is dependent on residency status, age, length of validity and type of license.

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On MyFWC.com, prices range from $17 for a non-resident fishing license valid for 3 days to $1,001.50 for a Lifetimes Sportsman's license. A lifetime freshwater fishing or saltwater fishing license costs between $126.50 and $301.50.

License costs vary between age groups. License holders 4 years or younger pay the lowest fees, while those aged 13 or older pay the highest fees. License holders between 5 and 12 pay intermediate costs.

Charter boats and boats for hire are required to pay higher fees, which are determined by the number of passengers they take fishing. In addition to the cost of the individual license, agents may charge fees for selling the license, explains eRegulations.com. In some cases, a Florida fishing license is free or not needed.

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