How Do You Correct a Slice?


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Adjusting your stance, alignment, and follow-through are all common ways to fix a slice. From the right-hander’s perspective, a slice occurs when the ball drifts or curves in a left-to-right motion.

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The setup and alignment are the starting points to fixing a slice. Make sure you are properly aimed at your target with your shoulders parallel to the target. Tilt your upper body slightly behind the ball to expedite your body turn and weight transfer.

After alignment, make sure your grip is relatively strong. Your thumbs and forefingers of each hand must form a V-shape and be in line with your right and left ears. A proper grip is essential for producing a square club face through impact.

Start your back swing with a relaxed simultaneous rotation of your upper body and hips. Be sure to maintain a triangle shape between your arms until halfway through your back swing to ensure sufficient upper body rotation. On the downswing, focus on coming through the ball with your lower body. At impact, your shoulders must come back to parallel to the target so that the club travels through the ball in a straight line.

Be sure not to start your down swing before completing your back swing. This causes your shoulders to fly open at impact, which results in a slice.

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