How Do You Correct Your Golf Grip?


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To correct your golf grip, place the left hand first on the club, aligning the middle joints of the middle fingers with the rod. Repeat the same with the right hand, with both thumbs in line on the upper side.

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How Do You Correct Your Golf Grip?
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  1. Place the left hand first

    To help with accurate placing, use a marker to draw two straight lines, the width of the grip, on the sides of the middle joints on the 3 middle fingers. Align the rod accordingly, ensuring that the thumb remains on top, facing outwards.

  2. Place right hand

    Repeat step one with the right hand, and place it 5 to 10 centimeters away from the left hand. For a perfect grip, check to see if both the thumbs are exactly in line.

  3. Adjust holding strength

    After placement, tighten the hands normally, keeping an eye on the knuckles. If the bones are very obvious, then the grip is too tight, and if they are barely visible, the grip is too loose.

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