What Are the Contents of a Survival Kit?


The contents of a survival kit vary by size, location and purpose, but most survival kits contain items for making fire and light, collecting water and food, building a shelter, and treating wounds. Depending on the situation, a variety of tools may be included in a survival kit.

When constructing a survival kit, the basic necessities must be considered. In order to survive in the wild, food, water and shelter are the basics. Items such as fishing line and snares ensure access to food, but small food items such as granola bars and soup pouches provide easy access to food when foraging fails. Plastic bags for water collection and water purification tablets are also recommended in a survival kit.

In order to sanitize water, cook food and stay warm, a fire is very important. Flint and steel, a lighter, or strike-anywhere matches all fit easily into a survival kit of almost any size and are a basic of most survival kits. For kits prepared for longer periods of isolation, larger tools and medicine may be included. Basic medical supplies such as gauze, band-aids and antibiotic ointment take up very little room in a survival kit but can make a big difference when in the wilderness or stranded.