What Is Considered the Best Coyote Call?

considered-coyote-call Credit: Frank Leung/iStock/Getty Images

Outdoor Life chooses Foxpro Shockwave as the best predator caller. Foxpro Shockwave is a remote-control electronic transmitter with 100 pre-loaded prey sounds. The caller is programmable with room for up to 1,000 realistic wildlife sounds. Foxpro Shockwave technologies provide hunters with several high-tech advantages over traditional, mouth-blown callers.

Fox Motion technology modulates the volume and directional playback of the digitally-recorded prey sounds, emulating the way wild animals move about in the woods. Fox Bang technology reacts to gunfire and resets playback to the hunter's first preset sound. Fox Data technology records the sounds, temperature and how long the session lasted. The full-color LCD remote control screen displays several indicators, including barometer, moon phase, temperature, timer and Fox Bang technology.