How Do You Find the Best Conditions for Ice Fishing?


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While you can ice fish at most lakes and ponds that have frozen over, methods to find the best spots include inquiring at a local tackle shop, hiring a licensed ice fishing guide or reading ice fishing reports for your area. Find ice that's clear, blue, solid and at least 3 or 4 inches thick. Choose an area where the water isn't moving, as moving water usually has thin ice.

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If there's a path, use it to cross the ice. Ice thickness isn't necessarily consistent across a body of water, so check each spot where you plan to fish. If possible, fish within eyesight of other ice fishers. Not only does the presence of other ice fishers indicate that there may be fish in the area, but the other fishers can help you if there's an emergency.

Finding the best conditions depends on the type of fish you want to catch. Each type of fish has certain locations it prefers and hours when it's most active. If you have a specific type of fish in mind, research it before going ice fishing.

Check the rules of ice fishing in your area before you go, as most areas require a fishing license and have limits on how many fish you can catch. Look for an area that has calm weather, as windy conditions make it colder and more difficult to fish. If you have trouble walking on the ice, put some sand on the ground and your boots, as this gives you better traction.

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