How Do You Compare Golf Ball Reviews?

How Do You Compare Golf Ball Reviews?

Some online resources for comparing golf ball reviews are Golf Galaxy and Top5 Reviews. Golfers should select their golf balls based on their skill levels, the construction of the balls and their compression rating.

Golf Galaxy has a comparison chart for golf balls from three major brands: Titleist, Callaway and Bridgestone. This chart provides an overview of the balls' attributes, costumer reviews and price levels.

Top5 Reviews also has a comparison chart that grades golf balls, lists their advantages and price level, and provides a link of where to buy each brand online. This website recommends Bridgestone Golf E6, Callaway HEX Warbird, Titleist Pro V1x, Wilson Titanium Ball and Wilson Spongebob Squarepants.

Golfers who are new to the game should buy less expensive balls or used balls because of the risk of losing them. Multi-layer balls are designed for golfers with faster swings who want increased control. Two-piece golf balls have a larger inner core that is better for far distances.

Compression rating of golf balls refers to its density. Golfers with fast swings should choose balls with compression ratings over 100. Golfers with slower swings should choose balls that have compression ratings between 80 and 90.

Another consideration is the surface material of the ball, which is usually surlyn or urethane. Surlyn is selected for its durability and enhancement of distance. Urethane is a softer material that provides golfers with better control.