What Companies Offer Trampoline Rentals?


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Jumpin' Jacks Party Rentals in Charlotte, North Carolina; Airborne Bouncers in Ann Arbor, Michigan; and Blue Sky Rentals in Northern Michigan are some companies that offer various forms of trampoline rentals. Jumpin' Jacks and Airborne Bouncers offer bungee trampolines, and Blue Sky offers water trampolines.

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Bungee trampolines, such as the ones that Jumpin' Jacks and Airborne Bouncers offer, are trampolines that have a harness and bungee cords attached to poles extending above the trampoline from the sides. The harness system improves safety by keeping the jumper from falling off the edges of the trampoline or jumping off the side and landing on hard surfaces. The elasticity of the bungee cords also allows the jumper to reach higher heights in a safe manner. Many bungee trampolines allow jumpers to reach heights of more than 20 feet into the air.

A water trampoline, such as the one offered by Blue Sky Rentals, is a trampoline with an inflatable base that can be placed in lakes or other large bodies of water. Jumpers can jump off of a water trampoline and safely land in the surrounding water as long as the trampoline is placed in a body of water with the recommended depth.

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