What Companies Make Handicap Beach Wheelchairs?


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As of 2015, three U.S. companies that make handicap beach wheelchairs include Natural Access in Santa Monica, California; Deming Designs in Pensacola, Florida; and Hotshot Products in Redondo Beach, California. Another option is Vipamat, based in France, which builds the three-wheeled Hippocampe. A beach wheelchair, also called a sand chair, has larger, plumper wheels that keep it from getting stuck in the sand.

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Natural Access makes the Landeez from lightweight steel tubing and uses a washable nylon for the upholstery. The plastic pneumatic wheels are soft and roll easily over sand and most uneven surfaces. The basic model does require someone else to push the chair. It can be upgraded to one with wheels that have push rims, giving the user more independence.

The DeBug, built by Deming Designs, has a stainless steel frame and large, squat wheels that carry the user over beach sand or along reasonably flat trails. It has removable armrests and a place to attach an umbrella. The DeBug is push-only, but it does fold up for travel. Hotshot Products came up with the motorized Hotshot, which can also be converted from a beach chair to an all-terrain chair by changing the wheels. It also folds up easily for transport.

The Hippocampe is a three-wheeled beach chair that is nimble enough to be rolled into the surf. The single front wheel, which is smaller than the back two, may be changed to a ski so the chair may be used in snow. The chair is difficult to push from the back, so all models have push rims on the wheels. The French based company has a representative in Houston, Texas.

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