What Are Some Companies That Buy Furs?


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Some companies that purchase furs from trappers and harvesters are Petska Fur and KanOkla Fur. The fur usually comes from beavers, bobcats, coons, coyotes and foxes. It can also come from mink, deer, elk, otter and other fur bearers.

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Nebraska-based Petska Fur is a buyer of raw fur, deer and elk hides and antlers at hundreds of locations across the Midwestern and Western United States. Petska buys furs in Nebraska, Colorado, Idaho, Kansas, Nevada and New Mexico, among other states. It also sells taxidermy and skull specimens.

Established in 1974, KanOkla Fur Company is a major fur buyer in Kansas, Oklahoma and Texas. It buys pelts, skins and hides in various conditions, such as raw, skinned, stretched or dried. Fur sellers need to make appointments before coming in; alternatively, they can wait for company buyers who make regular visits to various buying stations.

Though fur farms have largely replaced the fur trade, trapping and fur hunting continue to thrive among many rural and aboriginal communities. After a decline in the popularity of fur in the 1990s due to a greater consumer awareness of animal cruelty associated with the fur trade and fur farms, worldwide sales of fur rebounded in the 2000s due to rising incomes in China and Russia.

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