What Are Some Commonly Posted Swimming Pool Rules?

Some commonly posted swimming pool rules include not running in the pool area, following the lifeguard’s rules and never swimming without adult supervision. Some pools also have rules about what swimmers can wear, such as prohibiting t-shirts and shorts or requiring swimmers to wear swim caps to avoid hair getting caught in the filters of the pool.

Public pools with diving boards often have special rules with regard to its use. It can be a hazard that causes injuries, so pools typically have a rule about having adult supervision when using the diving board. Some pools only allow experienced swimmers to use the diving boards. Similar rules occur with the shallow versus deep end of the pool, requiring non-experienced swimmers to remain in the shallow end.

Many pools also have rules about proper behavior while swimming, including not pushing others into the pool, not dunking people and not splashing too hard near others. This is for safety and to allow all pool users to enjoy themselves. Some other rules that may appear include showering before entering the pool, putting waterproof swim diapers on infants and toddlers, and not allowing anyone in the pool with a contagious illness or open wound. This is necessary to help prevent contamination.