What Are Some Common Types of PowerBelt Bullets?


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Aerolite, Platinum, Copper and Pure Lead series are common types of bullets available from PowerBelt. Each bullet type is designed for the specific needs of hunters or recreational shooters using muzzleloading firearms.

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The company has a selection tool on PowerBeltBullets.com to help users identify the best bullet available for their specific shooting requirements. The criteria used for making a selection includes the caliber of the firearm, the type and size of the game, the shooting distance, and the powder charge. Another consideration is bullet pass through, which depends on the terrain. Some hunters prefer the knockdown power of a bullet that stays inside of the game while expending all of its power. Especially if hunting in thick brush, others prefer a load that can pass through the game and leave an exit wound to create a blood trail that they can follow.

The Aerolite is pure stopping power. It is the longest hollow point offered by the company ,which gives it the most expansion capacity on impact. The added length also improves in-flight stability and accuracy. The Platinum series' smooth construction is designed for high-velocity applications, assisting with bullet pass through. The company's most popular product is the Copper jacketed bullets that reduce bore friction and create smooth rifling lines, enhancing expansion on impact. Economics makes the lead shot popular; it is the cheapest round of PowerBelt bullets, and it is also a good hunting option in states where copper bullets are prohibited.

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