What Are Some Common Terms in Volleyball?

Commonly used terms in volleyball include "free ball," "pepper" and "side out." Other commonly used terms in the game are "approach," "attack," "spike" and "block."

In volleyball a "free ball" is a ball that is volleyed over the net with the forearm or in an overhead pass. It is a free chance to attack the other team.

A warming-up session between just two players is referred to as "peppering." The players use the key skills of the game, including passing, setting and hitting, to volley the ball to one another without the use of a volleyball net.

"Side out" is a basic term from old-school volleyball used when the receiving team wins a rally. In modern jargon, the expression "point on serve receive" is used. When this takes place, the right-front player of the receiving team becomes the server.

An "attack" or "spike" is the action of attempting to hit the ball to the floor on the side of the opposing team. A "block" is a defensive attempt to send the ball back into the attacker's court. This action can be performed by up to three players simultaneously jumping in front of the attacker and attempting to hit the ball with their hands.