What Are the Most Common Super Bowl Trivia Questions?

The most common Super Bowl trivia questions concern record setters in the Super Bowl, players who have won the Super Bowl MVP award and other notable performances by Super Bowl participants. The answers to most Super Bowl questions are player or team names.

Two popular examples of record-setter trivia questions are "Which player has participated in the most Super Bowls?" and "Which player has won the most Super Bowls?" As of 2015, the answers are Mike Lodish and Charles Haley tied with Tom Brady, respectively. Another pair of record-setting questions are "Which player holds the Super Bowl record for rushing yards?" and "Which player holds the Super Bowl record for rushing touchdowns?" The answers are Timmy Smith and Terrell Davis, respectively.

One example of a common trivia question about Super Bowl MVPs is "Who was the only player on the losing team to win the MVP?" As of 2015, the answer to this question is Dallas Cowboy Chuck Howley in 1971. Another example of a popular MVP question is "Who is the only Super Bowl MVP to have returned a kickoff for a touchdown in the game?" As of 2015, the answer is Green Bay Packer Desmond Howard.

Other notable trivia questions about specific Super Bowl plays include "Which St. Louis Rams player tackled Tennessee Titans wide receiver Kevin Dyson at the 1-yard line on the final play of Super Bowl XXXIV?" and "Which Buffalo Bills wide receiver stripped the ball away from Dallas Cowboy Leon Lett at the goal line in Super Bowl XXVII?" The answers are Mike Jones and Don Beebe, respectively.