What Are Some Common Saltwater Fishing Knots?


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The Albright knot, the double uni knot and the Palomar knot are some common saltwater fishing knots. Many knots are designed for specific purposes such as line splicing, leader attachment or tying on lures and baits.

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The Albright knot is one of the most common knots used with saltwater tackle. It is best suited for combining two lengths of the same diameter fishing line or connecting a wire leader to monofilament line. It is not extremely strong under direct pressure.

The double uni knot is one of the toughest knots for joining monofilament line to either braided or fluorocarbon lines as well as being very good for braid-to-braid connections. One of the most common knots for attaching swivels, snaps, artifical lures and bait hooks is the Palomar knot.

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