What Are Common Ice Fishing House Plans?


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Common ice fishing house plans include designs built on wheels or sleds that may be just a simple hut or something that can accommodate more people. What they all have in common is a "fishing hole" inside so those who are winter fishing stay out of the elements. Most have a heat source, usually a propane or electric stove, and some sort of lighting inside. Weight is kept at a minimum so the ice supports the structure.

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Ice houses have hitches and are dragged out to their designated fishing spot as soon as the ice is thick enough. Some ice huts are small enough that an ATV can pull them. The more elaborate ones, which are usually on wheels, are usually towed by four-by-four vehicles.

For the fish house builder, simple shanty or hut plans are available. A shanty is basically four walls, a floor, a door and a roof. Often shanties are made of plywood with a tarp used for waterproofing. Some have windows, and most have a heat source. These provide just enough space for a few friends to sit around the fishing hole. An ice shack is similar, but the stripped-down version may just have a plywood floor, two solid sides and tarp to form the other two sides and a roof.

Some commercial ice house builders, such as Glacier Ice House, have ice fishing house plans that resemble RVs. Designs may include full bathrooms, dining areas, mini kitchens and even fold-out couches. Multiple fishing hole covers are available. The rig is pulled onto the ice, one or more of the fishing hole covers is opened, and an auger is used to drill into the ice.

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