What Are Some Common Golf Terms?


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Backswing, birdie, bogey, fade and slice are some common golf terms. Golf has a long list of common terms that are unique to the sport and describe the scoring, course layout, a particular type of shot and many other nuances.

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The backswing refers to the part of the golfer's stroke that occurs between addressing the ball and drawing the club back and upwards until it reaches the pinnacle of the swing. Terms to describe the intentional or unintentional flight of the ball and its degree of trajectory include slice, fade, hook and draw. Slice and fade both mean that the ball tracked from left to right for a right-handed player, but typically, a fade means it was a good shot while a slice denotes a flaw in the golfer's swing. Draw and hook usually mean the same respectively but denote the ball moving from right to left for a right-handed swing.

Birdie and bogey are scoring terms in relation to the established par on a golf hole with birdie being one stroke under the expected score and a bogey being one over par. Both scoring terms can represent other final scores on a hole with an additional qualifier, such as eagle for two shots under par or a triple bogey indicating three shots too many.

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