What Are Some Common Girl's Basketball Cheers or Chants?

A common girl's basketball cheer is, "Dribble, dribble. Shoot, shoot. Take that ball to the hoop, hoop!" Or, "Come on (team name). Let's turn this game around. Put that ball up. And take them down!" Common cheers or chants incorporate the team name and motions such as stomping and/or clapping. For example, "And the score goes up another notch! Boom, Boom! (stomp-stomp), (clap-clap)."

One of the most popular offense cheers for basketball is, "Be aggressive. B-E aggressive! B-E A-G-G-R-E-S-S-I-V-E. Be aggressive!" For defense, use the popular chant, "Knock 'em down. Roll 'em around. Come on defense work, WORK!"

Get the girl's team ready to play with crowd cheers such as, "To the hoop (insert team name here)! To the hoop (insert team name here)! Let's score two more! (Insert team name here)! Let's win basketball!" Or, "Shoot it (pause). Shoot the ball for two! Take that ball to the hoop, hoop!" These cheers and chants and more can be found in the 2nd Edition Cheerleading Basketball Cheers book.

Common cheers and chants differ from team to team. Some girl's basketball teams might have a unique chant that only is used for them. Regardless, most common basketball cheers and chants reference dribbling, hoops and shooting. They ignite both the fans and the team. For example, chanting, "Shoot it, take that ball to the hoop!" is a good cheer for girl's basketball.