What Are Some Common Fishing Knots and Their Uses?


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Common fishing knots include the improved clinch knot, the blood knot and the surgeon's knot. Fishers use the improved clinch knot to strongly secure hooks or lures to the line. The blood knot ties two pieces of similar fishing line together. The surgeon's knot has a similar function to the blood knot, but can safely secure two lines of different diameters. Also popular is the spider hitch, which increases the line's strength for catching larger or more combative fish.

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To tie the improved clinch knot, first thread the end of the line through the hook's eye. Double back and wrap the working end around the standing line five times. Bring the tag end back through the loop near the hook's eye, then under the larger loop. Wet the knot, and pull on the tag end to tighten. Slide the knot tight against the hook's eye, then clip off the excess line.

The blood knot is essentially two improved clinch knots wound together. First, overlap the end of the two lines. Wrap one line around the other five times, then bring the tag end back between the two lines. Repeat this with the other line, but wrap it in the opposite direction. Slowly pull on the standing ends of both lines to tighten.

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