What Are Some Common Canoe Accessories?

Paddles, removable seats, dry bags, splash guards and life jackets are some common canoe accessories. Many other accessories, such as holders and mounts for drink holders, cameras, and fishing rods are available. Canoe owners can also purchase oar clamps and locks, motor mounts, and cleats. Canoe accessories are commonly available from most outdoors supply stores, including Bass Pro Shops, Cabela's and Dick's Sporting Goods.

Paddles are available in single- or double-sided configurations and a variety of construction materials, including plastic, aluminum and wood. Life jackets are a mandatory safety accessory and come in a variety of sizes to fit adults and children.

Dry bags are available in a variety of sizes to protect the canoers' valuables and supplies. Forward and stern splash guards provide additional protection for stored gear from rain or waves crashing over the gunwales.

Removable seats come in several different styles, ranging from a simple hammock-type device that attaches on the sides of the canoe and provides a sling-type seat in the middle to more elaborate styles with cushioned seats and back supports.

Oar mounts keep the paddles securely in place when navigating rough waters or paddling aggressively across placid lakes. Mounts are available to secure almost anything that a canoeist might desire, and mounted cleats provide a method to tie the canoe securely to a dock or other mooring spot.