What Are Some Common Baits for Catching Crawfish?

What Are Some Common Baits for Catching Crawfish?

The best bait for catching crawfish is fresh bait. Fish are the primary baiting choice. Other successful options include fresh poultry parts and other meat.

Fresh bait is essential for catching crawfish. Freeze any bait if it cannot be immediately placed a trap. Defrost the bait, and add to the trap once ready. Others choose to clean fresh fish and immediately add the remains to the trap.

Fish are considered the best baiting option to catch crawfish. Crawfish naturally feed on dead fish and accept almost any type of fish.

Various parts of chicken, including the neck, back, wing and guts, can also be used for catching crawfish. Obtain these from butchers and stores. Some locations offer these parts for free or at low cost.

Volume is key when selecting bait. Crawfish may find a way to escape traps if there is not sufficient food.