What are some common bait options used for catching steelhead?


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Wigglers, nightcrawlers, ghost shrimps and spawn bags are common baits for catching steelhead. Freshly cured roe, Spin-N-Glo plastic baits, artificial eggs, and diver and sand shrimps are also good bait options. Roe is an effective bait because steelhead fish are quite territorial and driven by a natural instinct to kill floating fish eggs. Artificial eggs are good options in systems that do not allow the use of roe.

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Steelhead tend to destroy free-floating fish eggs to protect their own eggs, as floating eggs typically attract predators. Steelhead anglers may cure eggs using a product with plenty of sugar and krill, which also lure in steelhead.

When fishing for steelhead using roe, anglers should be alert and move quickly, as steelhead don't keep the eggs in their mouths for long. After obtaining floating eggs, steelhead crush the eggs using their mouths and spew the smashed eggs within seconds.

Spin-N-Glo plastic baits effectively draw in steelhead in narrow areas that require rapidly throwing the bait near the fish. These plastic items vibrate and illuminate, tempting steelhead to destroy them. Experts also recommend using artificial EZ eggs, which are extremely soft, thus allowing steelhead to bite them for a longer period. These eggs are very durable, and they are capable of absorbing scents added to them.

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