What Is Combat Ki?


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Combat Ki is a type of martial art that teaches practitioners to control their bodies, breathing and internal energy. The term Combat Ki is itself a reference to the practitioner's internal combat energy. Upon completing Combat Ki training, practitioners are expected to be able to take full force kicks and punches to sensitive areas of the body without being injured.

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As a fundamental concept of the art is the ability to endure combat strikes, Combat Ki is considered to be one of the more dangerous forms of martial arts. Mastery requires a large amount of specialized training, and practitioners are required to volunteer for the training while mastering another form of martial arts, such as Juko-Kai. The art form is credited to Soke Rod Sacharnoski, who is believed to have founded the practice in the 1960s. Sacharnoski is a well-known martial artist, and his Combat Ki techniques have been featured on various television shows in the United States and Japan, including The Discovery Channel’s Way Of The Warrior, ABC's Wide World of Sports, Fit TV, The Discovery Channel’s More Than Human and The Steve Harvey’s Big Time Show in Hollywood. Combat Ki was named one of the top forms of martial arts by The Learning Channel's Ultimate 10 Martial Arts show.

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