How Do Colleges Recruit Prospective Basketball Players?


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Colleges and universities recruit prospective basketball players using databases, which can include thousands of names. One of the most well-known recruitment databases is maxpreps.com. College coaches also use personal relationships with high school and middle school programs as resources and attend games throughout the basketball season.

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Division I coaches often visit the homes and families of serious recruits in order to make personal connections. When a prospect expresses serious interest in a program, the college often invites the player and his or her family to tour the campus facilities. During these campus visits, the coaches and administrators highlight the program's history and give vision for the future. The intent of these visits is to make the recruit feel wanted and needed. The highest recruited prospects eventually narrow down their college choices to between two and six programs and often announce their final decisions publicly.

Once the home visits and campus tours are finished, it is up to the coaches to establish and nourish a personal relationship with a recruit. A coach might send a player letters, attend more games or just make a few personal phone calls. Recruitment of college basketball players can start as early as middle school, but the most competitive strategies take shape when prospects begin to excel in high school.

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