How Are College Football Spreads Determined?


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College football point spreads are determined by carefully considering game factors such as player ratings, winning streaks or weather conditions in order to establish a range of score outcomes. Bookmakers may use point spreads they establish themselves or they may rely on a third-party service to provide spreads, or lines, that they use.

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Point spreads on college football games are determined in much the same manner as professional football or any other sports wagering that uses spreads rather than fixed odds. Final spreads are either established by the bookmakers accepting the wager or the bookmaker may use lines established by third parties.

In order for a gambler to win a bet using a point spread, the outcome must fall above or below the established spread at the time the wager is made. Point spreads can and do change over time, for instance if a player injury occurs or a weather forecast changes.

A point spread on a game bet is an alternative to wagering on simple win-or-lose outcomes. Instead of the majority of bets being for one favored team, a spread attempts to even the wagers on both teams by declaring that a winning team must win by a certain margin of points in order for the gambler to win his bet.

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