What Are Club Volleyball Tryouts Like?

Club volleyball tryouts are generally an exercise for players and coaches to see if prospective players are a good fit for the team, and these tryouts include practicing skills to demonstrate mastery and involve team exercises, such as drills, to show compatibility. At volleyball tryouts, players are evaluated for their current skills, along with work ethic and ability to communicate effectively with team members. Some coaches also offer advice and give demonstrations to see if tryout participants learn quickly.

Although most players focus on the on-court tryout session, a successful tryout involves some planning and pregame action. Before going to a tryout, people should research local volleyball clubs to find a good match in terms of price, time commitment and expectations.

With volleyball, like other sports, having the right equipment is key to success. This involves wearing volleyball shoes, socks and knee pads. Players should also bring a water bottle, towel and other personal accessories. Getting a full complement of sleep the night before helps with focus and concentration, while eating a healthy meal before tryouts improves energy.

On tryout day, people should arrive at least 15 minutes early. This shows a capacity and willingness to meet requisite time commitments. Helping the team set up also demonstrates an interest in the other players. Arriving early also leaves time for completing requisite paperwork and eliminates excess stress. With proper preparation, people should have fun at tryouts, and play with confidence and a positive attitude.