How Do You Climb Mount Everest?

A person planning to climb Mount Everest needs to exercise, acquire the proper gear and hire Sherpa guides or join a climbing tour group. The climbing season of April and May is the safest time to go. The trip may easily cost up to $100,000, as of 2014.

Getting in shape is an essential prelude to a Mount Everest trek, with climbers often spending up to a year weightlifting, running, cycling, swimming and climbing smaller peaks. Top-quality gear is needed to survive the extreme weather conditions on the mountain.

Essential items include several types of socks, hiking boots, climbing boots, insulated over-boots, interior heating pads for the boots and layered clothing. A parka, goggles, multiple types of gloves, a sleeping bag, a tent and cooking gear can also aid survival. Hikers should carry first aid supplies, pharmaceuticals and a camera. Climbing gear needed includes crampons, climbing harness, carabiners, an ice ax and glacier rope. Climbers have the option of hiring Sherpas to assist them with solo climbs, but it is safer for inexperienced climbers to join a guided group expedition.

Climbing fees are highest during peak season and drop considerably during the times of the year when the weather is more severe. Most climbers fly into Katmandu and choose one of several routes to the summit from Nepal, but there are other routes through China via Tibet. Costs for the expedition include the airfare to get to Nepal or China, insurance, climbing permits and guides.