How Do You Clean a Trex Transcend Deck?

Clean Trex Transcend composite decking using a combination of a soap and water mixture and a water pressure washer. Use a light hose as well to remove debris and loose dirt quickly from the deck's surface without causing any damage to the engravings on the deck's surface.

  1. Rinse the deck

    Rinse off any loose dirt or debris from the deck with water from a garden hose. Set the hose to a light pressure that's just strong enough to push the dirt from the deck's surface, and then direct the water spray along the deck in a back-and-forth motion to move the dirt and debris along the surface and off the end of the deck.

  2. Scrub the deck

    Create a deck cleanser consisting of warm water with enough mild detergent added to create suds. Pour a small amount of the cleanser over a section of the dirty deck, and then scrub the dirt loose with a soft-bristle brush to remove the dirt from the embossed lines on the deck. After cleaning a section, move on to an adjacent section, and repeat the cleaning process, taking care to keep all dirty water ahead of the clean sections until reaching the end of the deck and disposing of the dirty water accumulation off the edge.

  3. Remove embedded dirt

    Use a pressure washer with a setting no greater than 3,100 pounds per square inch and a fan attachment to remove embedded dirt. Spread the soapy-water cleanser over the deck, then follow through with the spray from the pressure washer, pushing the dirt from the embossed lines in the surface of the deck off the deck's edge.

  4. Rinse the deck

    Rinse off the deck after cleaning with soap and water with the spray of a garden hose. This prevents the soap from drying and creating a dull film.