How Do You Clean Skateboard Bearings?

How Do You Clean Skateboard Bearings?

Clean your skateboard bearings by first soak them in kerosene. Next, rinse them using alcohol or a skateboard bearing cleaner. Finally, dry and lubricate the bearings.

  1. Wash the bearings

    First, remove the bearings by taking off the wheels and hooking the bearings around the axle. Next, pry out the bearings using the axle, and repeat for all eight bearings. Most bearings come with a rubber guard. Pop these off with a small pin. Avoid applying too much force, as that may damage the bearings. Soak the bearings in either kerosene or mineral spirits. Gently swish the chosen solution around in the container while the bearings soak.

  2. Rinse the bearings

    Take the bearings out of the solution, and rinse them with alcohol. If you are using a skateboard bearing cleaner, you may not need to rinse. After rinsing, dry the bearings quickly with compressed air.

  3. Lubricate and reattach the bearings

    Follow the instructions on the specific lubricant for proper application. Replace the rubber shields, and put the bearings back on your wheels. You may also clean skateboard bearings without removing them from the wheels, but this method tends to not clean as effectively due to a lack of exposed surface area.