How Do You Clean a Deer?


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To clean a deer, make a 2-inch incision at the breastbone, cut around the anus, tie the anus off, and make an incision below the breastbone. Cut the hide open from the breastbone to the pelvic bone, but do not cut through the stomach, intestines or bladder. Remove the genitals, esophagus, windpipe, diaphragm, heart and lungs, and turn the deer on its side to partially drain it. Raise the deer to drain it, and remove the head and hide.

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When cleaning a deer, place the deer on a slight incline to aid in draining the blood, and field dress the deer as quickly as possible if the meat is to be eaten. To make the incision from the breastbone to the pelvic bone, make a 2-inch incision at the breastbone, and place two fingers in the incision.

Insert the knife between the two fingers with the sharp edge of the blade facing upward, and carefully cut the hide open. Puncture the diaphragm before cutting it away from the ribs, and sever the esophagus and windpipe to remove them with the heart and lungs.

After partially draining the deer, pull the rectum through the pelvic opening. Raise the deer's head to complete the draining process. Remove the deer's head, and pull the hide off the body of the deer beginning at the back feet. Use a knife to separate the hide from the muscle if necessary.

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